Kistefos Museum has a twist in its story

The design for the Kistefos Museum in Jevnaker, Norway, is multifaceted and brilliant. It will be part building, part bridge. It will also reconcile the different heights of opposing river banks with a simple but deft sculptural trick. This is apt, given that will be located in a sculpture park.Read More

Dubai's Rosemont development will have its own rainforest

Lavish buildings are the norm in Dubai, with each boasting flamboyant features to set them apart from the rest. Few, however, can boast their own artificial rainforest like ZAS Group's planned Rosemont hotel and residences. The two-tower development will be operated by Hilton’s luxury Curio brand.Read More

Pedestrian bridge proposed to link Manhattan and Jersey City

Manhattan isn't far from Jersey City as the crow flies, but because of the Hudson River, moving from one to the other typically requires either taking a relatively circuitous route or hopping aboard the busy PATH (Port Authority Trans-Hudson) system. This could possibly change though, as a proposal envisions joining the two with a pedestrian bridge.Read More

Innovative concepts shortlisted in London housing contest

Finalists have been announced in the New London Architecture (NLA) New Ideas for Housing competition. The contest, run by the city's built environment think-tank, sought ideas to solve London's housing crisis. Proposals included shared housing, communities on the Thames and suburb megacities.Read More


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