Life's a beach at the SandHotel

So you think you're a dab hand a building sandcastles? These two newly constructed hotels in the Netherlands put even the grandest and greatest bucket and spade creations to shame, taking the concept of a beach holiday to a whole new level in the process. Inspired by the Ice Hotels in Sweden and Finland, the SandHotels are claimed to be the first in the world to be built entirely out of sand. Read More

Droneport will enable drone deliveries of urgent supplies in Rwanda

Foster + Partners has drawn upon its considerable experience designing airports to conceive a Droneport for Rwanda. Gimmicky-sounding name notwithstanding, the ambitious project could save lives if successful. Working alongside École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, and Afrotech, among others, the aim is for delivery drones to fly out from the hub and travel up to 100 km (62 miles) to take medical and other urgent supplies to where they're needed.Read More

China's "Walking Stick" tower tops out at 597 m tall

Soaring high above Tianjin's business district, the Goldin Finance 117 tower is nicknamed the "Walking Stick" on account of its overall shape. Though still under construction, the 117-story mixed-use building achieved its maximum height of 597 m (1,958 ft) on September 8, thus ensuring its status as one of the world's tallest skyscrapers.Read More

World's largest green roof planned for Cupertino development

Developers Sand Hill Property Company recently acquired an enviable chunk of Silicon Valley real estate in the form of Cupertino's Vallco Shopping Mall. The firm has big plans for the 50 acre (20 hectare) site, and in a US$3 billion development project, aims to turn it into a sustainable mixed-use town center that boasts the world's largest green roof.Read More

ModRoof promises a safer shelter for low-income families

Metal and concrete corrugated roofs are a ubiquitous feature on homes and shelters worldwide due to their low-cost, but they're really not very good at their job. Both are poor insulators, notoriously prone to leaks and can contain dangerous substances like asbestos ... plus they're not easy to sleep under during a monsoonal downpour. Indian startup ReMaterials reckons it has a better solution with its sustainable, modular roofing system called ModRoof.Read More

Off-grid writer's retreat offers a tiny place to create

Boston-based startup Getaway was recently formed by a group of Harvard students to provide tiny houses for rent to those wanting to escape the grind or give tiny living a test-drive (something we'd recommend trying before diving in with both feet). Its latest diminutive dwelling, the Lorraine, offers up to two occupants a comfortable off-grid writer's retreat, well-provisioned with everything that's required to get in the mood to create.Read More


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