New eco-village hits the (plastic) bottle

Recycled plastic bottles have previously been used to make a sustainable home, but an ambitious new project in Panama hopes to use the ubiquitous modern waste product to construct an entire village. It's early days yet, but the idea is that the aptly-named Plastic Bottle Village will eventually comprise between 90 to 120 homes, each insulated by thousands of plastic bottles.Read More

Tourists to have a new place to hang out in Dubai

Such is the desire for every new blockbuster building in Dubai to differentiate itself from all others that their features get ever-more outlandish. Aykon City, for example, is a planned six-tower development aimed at providing all the trappings of a city. You'll also be able to hang off the top of it 935 ft (285 m) in the air.Read More

Europe pushes the houseboat out at Dubai's The World

Ever wondered what it looks like if you combine Dubai's wealth, ambition, coastline and climate? Well, it looks like floating villas with submerged bedrooms that provide views of the surrounding sea-life off a reclaimed island archipelago shaped like a map of the world in the Persian Gulf.Read More

Couple clocks 22,000 miles in tiny home

There are lots of tiny houses that are made to be moveable, but typically, such homes stay stationary for an extended period of time before they're relocated. For Jenna Spesard and Guillaume Dutilh, their tiny home was built from the ground up with the idea that it would be a rolling abode they'd take all over the United States and Canada. So how did that work out for them? In just two years they visited more than 30 states and five Canadian provinces. A new short video highlights their home and lifestyle.Read More

Tiny home is filled with light

The team over at Shelter Wise has revealed its latest tiny house build, which boasts a feeling of added space and lots of natural light. The "Hikari Box" home features a 184-sq ft (17-sqm) open floorplan, a 79-sq ft (705-sqm) main sleeping loft and an additional 23-sq ft (2-sqm) small loft. The overall design is a culmination of several shed roof designs that Shelter Wise has used in the past, combining the best features of all of them into one single home.Read More


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