Bathyard home makes for sociable soaks

Generally speaking, most inner-city apartments feature sociable areas like a lounge and dining room, while the bathroom is much more private. Bathyard home turns this expectation on its head. The Madrid apartment was re-arranged by Husos Architects to make the bathroom into the focal point of the home and an area for hanging out with friends.Read More

Curtain goes up on green Writers Theatre

Reinterpretations of classic works are a stock-in-trade of Chicagoland's Writers Theatre. Now the theater itself has become a reinterpretation. The newly rebuilt facility was constructed using 98 percent of the building that stood on the site previously and boasts a host of green features.Read More

Gomos Modular Home takes 3 days to install

Portuguese architect Samuel Gonclaves has created a clever concrete modular housing system called the "Gomos System." It was launched late last year in Arouca, Portugal with funding from 18 local companies to help get the project off the ground. The system consists of a series of singular reinforced concrete modules (gomos) which are entirely prefabricated off-site (inside and out) and simply join together, providing a fully livable home in a matter of days.
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Irish county makes Passive House construction mandatory

We cover a lot of impressive Passive Houses here at Gizmag, but relatively few are actually built worldwide. Which is why it's exciting that Ireland's Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council has reportedly passed a law requiring all new homes in the area be built to the Passive House standard or feature an equivalent performance. Read More

Hyperions "vertical village" slated for India

Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut continues to refine his distinctive style of futuristic sustainable architecture with Hyperions. The cluster of connected timber towers – or "vertical village" – features more sustainable design than you can shake a stick at and, according to the architect, is due to be constructed by 2022 near New Delhi, India.Read More

Is this the end for China's weird architecture?

China is well-stocked with unusual and copycat architecture, and the vast country boasts its own versions of Western landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, White House, Tower Bridge, and even an entire Austrian village. However, the New York Times reports that the days of weird Chinese architecture may well be numbered following a new directive issued by Chinese government.Read More

Tainan Public Library looks comfortable in its second skin

New designs for the planned Tainan Public Library in Taiwan show a top-heavy tiered building with its uppermost floor wrapped in a decorative second skin. The stepped configuration of the building increases its perimeter at each level, creating a canopy, while the additional skin helps to regulate internal temperature.Read More


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