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French skyscaper puts focus on renewable energy


October 19, 2008

La Defense is undergoing an architectural transformation

La Defense is undergoing an architectural transformation

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October 20, 2008 Extensive use of solar and wind power plus a healthy dose of CO2 munching foliage will mark the slim, 318 meter tall Generali Tower when it becomes a fixture of the Parisian skyline from 2012. The design from Valode & Pistre was selected in an international competition and will form a key plank in the nine year plan to revamp the La Défense business district first announced by the Public Body for the development of La Défense (EPAD) in 2005.

Vinci Immobilier will construct the distinctive four-pointed, €500 million tower on the site of the Iris building. With a floor area of 90,000 square meters, the Generali Tower will offer almost eight times the floorspace of the building it is replacing and will incorporate 18 wind turbines and more than 1,700 square meters of photovoltaic cells in addition to gardens at all levels. Office space will make up the bulk of the space along with auxiliary facilities like restaurants and a nursery.

Click here to see an artist rendering of what La Defense will look like in 2012.

Via Inhabitat / Skyscapercity.

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