If you're hoping to attract investors to get yet another iPhone case to an already crowded market, it had better do more than just protect a phone from bumps and scrapes. Snow Lizard Products is giving itself the best possible chance of raising funds for its new AQUA TEK S case for iPhone 4 and 4S with an offering that not only boasts ruggedized protection, but also includes a solar panel, built in battery, and is waterproof up to 20 ft (6 m).

Aimed at outdoorsy types who want to stay connected when heading off the beaten track, the case features a waterproof and dirt resistant poly-carbonate ruggedized casing that packs its own built-in battery to extend the life of the the iPhone. The company is still investigating the best battery to fit the form factor so the capacity of the unit hasn't yet been finalized, but it will be able to recharge from the power of the Sun via the solar panel built into the rear of the case. The encased iPhone can also be recharged and synched by opening a thumb screw on the bottom of the case.

The top-loading case features rubber grips and adds quite a bit of bulk to an iPhone, but provides full access to the phone's touchscreen, camera, volume buttons and speakers.

Snow Lizard Products plans to make the AQUA TEK S available in up to nine colors, including Signal Orange, Black Night, Urban Camo, Reggae Camo, Navy Camo, Desert Camo, Jungle Camo, Pink Camo and Leopard.

The company already has a number of cases on the market for a range of mobile devices, but has turned to Kickstarter to source funding for the production and tooling of its latest offering. If the project reaches its US$75,000 goal and the AQUA TEK S is put into production, it will retail for $129.99. Getting in early with a pledge of $100 will secure one at that price, while pledges of $175 will entitle you to two, a $350 pledge to four, and pledges of $5,000 to 100 cases. At the time of writing, the project had raised just over $3,300, with 24 days remaining.

The video below from Snow Lizard Products details the AQUA TEK S.

Source: Kickstarter

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    • I love the concept, but the price is a bit dear. $100 to the startup to reserve one, then another $130 for the case itself? And no tech specs? So I don\'t even know if I would have to store the thing on my kayak\'s deck all day to maintain a charge (probable). Well, at least the lanyard attachment point looks semi-sturdy....

      Bryan Paschke
    • My biggest issue is the Kickstarter tie-in. I trust this to make it to market about as much as I trust Lubricheck to ever cough up the units they owe THEIR Kickstarter investors.

      Mike Barnett
    • think ya need to re-read the article. the $100 up front gets you the case for that money not an additional amount

    • I read it that $100 pledge will get you one for $129.99. Perhaps it could be worded better.

      Stu May
    • Stu May, try reading it again. $100 pledge will buy you one at that price ($100).

      Denis Klanac
    • Nothing worst than taking your beloved iPhone out in the wilderness or up the ski slopes without proper protection. I want!

      Dennis Caelian
    • Denis the picky, it could also be read as...... it will retail for $129.99. Getting in early with a pledge of $100 will secure one at that price,

      Stu May

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