Apple inching further away from Samsung, cuddling up with TSMC for mobile processors


June 28, 2013

Apple is reportedly moving further away from Samsung, sourcing TSMC for some of its next-gen iOS processors

Apple is reportedly moving further away from Samsung, sourcing TSMC for some of its next-gen iOS processors

The relationship between Apple and Samsung is, well, complicated. They're like two bitter exes who work together, or maybe live in the same building. If circumstances permitted, they'd never see each other again. But, try as they may, they just can't get each other out of their lives. Can you say awkward? Well, that relationship is about to take one step closer to complete severance, as Apple is reportedly partially switching to TSMC for the coming year's iOS processors.

The news comes from that hotbed of Apple leaks known as the Wall Street Journal. According to its sources, Apple's three-year quest to rid itself of Samsung as a supplier (overlapping with its two-year quest to sue the pants off of Samsung) just leapt over its biggest hurdle this month, with the switch to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) for upcoming (A7?) chips for iPhones and iPads. The lengthy process was apparently delayed by Apple's strict quality control requirements, but those bugs have now been worked out.

The divorce isn't quite complete, though. Samsung will stay on as the primary manufacturer of Apple's mobile processors, at least through the next year.

The report details Apple's attempts to bring TSMC's chips up to snuff, dating back to "as early as 2010." Apple had originally wanted a larger foothold with TSMC, letting Apple invest in it, or having TSMC set aside factory space just for Apple chip manufacturing. But the Taiwanese company, wanting to retain its independence, declined.

This is just the latest move from Apple in its split with Samsung. It's already trimmed its dependance on the Korean company for displays and flash memory. But despite all of this, Samsung is still Apple's biggest component supplier. Apple needs the best components at the best prices, and Samsung is still the best company for the job. Who said breaking up wasn't hard to do?

Source: Wall Street Journal

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