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Apple reportedly testing larger iPhone, 13-inch tablet screens


July 21, 2013

Apple is reportedly testing screens for a larger iPhone, and some sort of tablet device that measures 13 inches diagonally.

Apple is reportedly testing screens for a larger iPhone, and some sort of tablet device that measures 13 inches diagonally.

If you compare the iPhone to any of the most popular Android phones, there's one big thing you'll notice. The iPhone's screen looks positively puny next to phones like the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S4, and HTC One. According to a new report, though, Apple might be cooking up something that will even that playing field.

Sources from the Wall Street Journal say that Apple is testing larger screens for both the iPhone and the iPad. All we know about this iPhone screen is that it's "larger than four inches," but Apple is also apparently testing a tablet screen that measures nearly 13-inches.

That Apple would be testing a larger iPhone is hardly a surprise. Samsung's popular Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 have screens that are 4.8 inches and 5 inches, respectively. The iPhone 5 only has 63 percent as much screen area as the GS4. Tastes vary, but for customers that do want those larger screens, their only real option right now is Android.

The real surprise here is the mention of the 13-inch tablet device (the report says that it's slightly less than 13 inches diagonally). It's hard to imagine there being much demand for a giant iPad, but one possibility is that this is a touch-based MacBook that runs iOS. Windows 8 hybrids haven't exactly been flying off the shelves, but perhaps Apple is exploring its own version that it believes could be more successful.

The WSJ generally has reliable Apple information, but the biggest thing to remember here is that Apple is only testing prototypes here. The company likely builds hundreds, if not thousands, of devices for every one that makes it to market. So you'll want to ingest the appropriate grains of salt.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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Now who's playing catch up!

Zak Kelly

No surprise. Afterall what else could Apple do to generate new interest in the ipad/iphone? It's either higher resolution, or thinner, or larger screen.


Yes, yes, yes! I love my iPad and I bought one the first month they came out. Then another and then I won one in a ...rug store!:?

Okay, enough blithering. I wrote Apple and asked them to consider a 21" iPad! Yes, I am crazy but that is not the point.

I want something like that so I can more effectively "work" while extremely comfortable on my couch at home.

No intention of taking it places just not a desktop or laptop, I want a larger screen iPad.

13" is a start but I will still be waiting for the 21" when they come to my senses.


Dr. Veritas

Please please please add a phone to the iPad and iPadmini. and permanently end the nauseous and eternal "biggest screen" argument.

Tom Swift
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