Apple event set for October 22, new iPads expected


October 15, 2013

Apple looks ready to unveil new iPads on October 22nd

Apple looks ready to unveil new iPads on October 22nd

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Fall is the season for Apple and iOS mania in advance of holiday shopping, and the company is holding to tradition, sending out invitations today to a media event set for October 22 where it's expected to introduce updated versions of the iPad and iPad mini.

The invite background features an assortment of colorful leaves above the cryptic phrase "We still have a lot to cover."

This kind of vague allusion to some new product or feature that will soon be revealed is typical of Apple, as is the location of the event – San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, which the company has used for many of its big reveals in the past.

In addition to revamped iPads, it's likely that OS X Mavericks and a new Mac Pro will also get some attention.

It will be interesting to see if iOS 7 for the iPad also gets a revamp, after the mobile OS update has been met with complaints from lovers of Apple's slate.

The new iPads will be competing with a full roster of competing tablets for holiday attention, including the second-generation Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HDX, among others.

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Maybe I'm just not seeing the glass half full in the statement. "We have a lot to cover"

An almost presumptuous statement, as if to say "we are so coveted and admired that everyone wants to be like us, so we must not show you all we can be"

Here's hoping one of the 'surprises' is not an iPad 5 in a 5s price !!


When they get around the problem of reading seeing Flash content I'll be impressed, my girlfriend has an IPAD, as she uses it to see video posted on Facebook its useless, so it sits in its box ready to be sold, while she uses her Windows PC. Come on Apple get your act together.

Richard Unger

The only reason I don't (and won't) buy anything Apple is because Flash content cannot be viewed.

If Flash content was allowed, I would switch everything over to Apple products.


when will we ever be able to close all open windows with one stroke? the new iOS 7 system is even more time-consuming than before.

Sara Mccracken
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