Living in the City prototype packs plenty of home into a small space


October 7, 2013

Thai collective Apostrophe's Living in the City prototype aims to offer an attractive and practical living space in a small area

Thai collective Apostrophe's Living in the City prototype aims to offer an attractive and practical living space in a small area

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As modern cities grow more densely populated and available living space shrinks correspondingly, ensuring that space is maximized to its full potential is essential. One proposal for making the most of the space we have comes via Thailand-based company Apostrophe's Living in the City housing unit.

The Living in the City prototype is still very much that – a prototype – and therefore shouldn't be considered a viable ready-for-market solution yet. However, by shoehorning two main floors, two mezzanines, and a vertical garden into a physical footprint of just 97 sq m (1,044 sq ft), it certainly provides food for thought.

In all, the unit features a kitchen and dining area, living room, a multi-purpose area, wardrobe, master bedroom, a vertical garden, and a loft which could be used as an office, or perhaps an additional bedroom.

Much of the furniture within Living in the City serves dual purposes, with the stairs doubling as shelves, for example, while a wall section also folds down into a working desk. The layout features few interior walls, with mesh floors and open-plan areas helping to impart a feeling of more space than is actually available.

The architects also pay a degree of attention to accessibility needs, as the ground floor sports safety handrails, ramps, and room to maneuver a wheelchair. However, these features are consigned to the ground floor only, so we'd be hard-pressed to cite the unit as a boon for people with mobility issues.

Source: Apostrophy's via TreeHugger

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My whole house (decent sized, comfortable 1-bedroom, 2-bath house) fits in a 576 ft2 area, so I'm hardly impressed that they managed to cram this place into an area twice that big. And my entire house is on one story, so it's very handicap-friendly. And it was built in 1914.

Drew Farkas

Interesting, but no one under 25 could use it owing to the noise levels and no one over thirty owing to the agility level. Good idea and as it is a prototype I have no doubt that it will improve to some extent. My problem with spaces having a dual purpose is where to put the thing that you use for one purpose while you use the space for another. Keep going the idea is definately good


Honestly, if you want to live in the city, you're going to live in an apartment. What country is this supposed to be for. So far, I don't like it.

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