Amazon's Kindle Worlds will pay royalties to fan fiction writers


May 23, 2013

Amazon Publishing is launching Kindle Worlds, a platform for fan fiction writers to monetize their work

Amazon Publishing is launching Kindle Worlds, a platform for fan fiction writers to monetize their work

Fan fiction writers, take notice. Amazon Publishing is launching a new platform to allow budding writers in the genre to indulge in their hobby and even make some money out of it. Called Kindle Worlds, the service has been announced as the first commercial publishing platform of its kind for those who get inspiration from fictional universes and characters created by authors they admire.

Until now, personal satisfaction has been the only reward for most fan fiction writers. Now they also have the potential for a monetary reward with Kindle Worlds giving them the ability to earn royalties for their work from sales made through the Kindle Store. Both rights holders of the Worlds (as Amazon calls the works licensed through the platform) and fan fiction authors will get paid. The standard rate for works of at least 10,000 words will be 35 percent of net revenue, which is based on the sales price of the works. Royalties will be paid on a monthly basis.

Among the first Worlds licensed are Cecily von Ziegesar’s Gossip Girl, Sara Shepard’s Pretty Little Liars and L.J. Smith’s Vampire Diaries, which were secured through agreements with Alloy Entertainment, a division of the Warner Bros Television group. Amazon says new deals will be announced soon.

Alongside Kindle Worlds, Amazon Publishing said it will pilot a new program for works between 5,000 and 10,000 words. Again, royalties will be split between Kindle Worlds' rights holders and authors, who will receive a digital royalty of 20 percent. Amazon said these short works are typically sold for under US$1.

Creative wordsmiths can already visit Kindle Worlds and register to get started. The Kindle Worlds Store will launch in June with more than 50 commissioned works by a list of authors that includes Barbara Freethy (women’s fiction), John Everson (horror) and Colleen Thompson (romance). It is also in June when the self-service submission platform will be open to accepting completed works by any writer.

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