Amaryllo reveals iCam HD, the world's first wireless HD Skype camera


September 6, 2013

Amaryllo’s iCam HD on display at IFA 2013

Amaryllo’s iCam HD on display at IFA 2013

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While just about any webcam will work for Skyping, your best bet would presumably be to use one that’s actually designed for – and licensed by – Skype. Well, that's just what Amaryllo’s iCam HD is. More specifically, it’s the world’s first HD wireless video-streaming camera to be licensed by the company.

Ordinarily, IP (internet protocol) cameras utilize third-party servers. The iCam, however, uses Skype’s own peer-to-peer technologies. According to Amaryllo, this results in increased stability and reliability of data transmission, along with superior audio and video clarity.

The camera itself captures and transmits video at 720p resolution, and snaps stills at 1080p. Some of its other features include remote pan and tilt control (it can pan 360 degrees), infrared night vision to a distance of 5 meters (16 ft), and a 32GB microSD storage slot.

It also includes motion and audio sensors, and can send SMS alerts if motion is detected. This allows it to be used not just as a means of conducting Skype conversations, but also as an internet-accessible real-time monitor/alarm for infants, pets, home security or other applications.

It does not appear to be a stand-alone unit, however. Users will still require a wirelessly linked computer or mobile device to place calls with it.

The basic iCam HD is priced at €119.90, or US$149.90 in America. A model with an included remote control is available for €159.90 or $199.90.

Source: Amaryllo

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"More specifically, it’s the world’s first HD wireless video-streaming camera to be licensed by the company."

It's just as obviously something that would never have happened prior to Microsoft's acquisition of Skype. The fact that it interfaces with an app rather than a server is hardly new; many wireless cams include just such an app.

So why in the 9 chambers of Hell should I give the slightest damn whether a webcam is "licensed by" Skype???

Answer: Why am I even bothering to ask the question? Oh, yeah. Microsoft. Skype. Meh.

Anne Ominous
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