The Amana Jot Refrigerator makes a cool noticeboard


July 15, 2009

The Amana Jot Refrigerator makes punishment easy too

The Amana Jot Refrigerator makes punishment easy too

There’s no doubt the refrigerator is the central hub of the kitchen, serving more than its primary purpose of keeping things cold. In recent years we’ve seen fridge manufacturers pack their products with all manner of technological additions, from iPod docks to touch screens and TVs. In most households though the humble fridge remains a central place to stick notes that are sure to be seen. Whirlpool has saved us the hassle of hunting for a scrap of paper on which to scribble such missives with the Amana Jot refrigerator.

The Amana Jot features a Dry-Erase finish on the door panel so users can write directly onto the fridge door, transforming the fridge from a noticeboard to a blank canvas that budding artists are free to unleash their creativity on. Whirlpool has even partnered with Crayola to include black and blue Dry Erase markers with each Jot. Add that to all the money you’ll save on fridge magnets and the Jot practically pays for itself. More traditional features of the Amana Jot include 18 cubic feet of space, up-front temperature controls and contour doors.

The Amana Jot is available for around the USD$750 mark.

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A piece of melamine board with some strong magnets glue to it can turn any fridge into a chillin\' dry erase board.

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