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AlterG M300 Anti-Gravity Treadmill: train or rehabilitate weightlessly


October 30, 2009

The AlterG M300 treadmill allows the user to train whilst sustaining an injury

The AlterG M300 treadmill allows the user to train whilst sustaining an injury

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There are two things that are immediately appealing about the AlterG M300 treadmill. The first is being able to maintain fitness levels whilst nursing an injury, and the second is that you’ll feel as light as a feather whilst working out. The M300 allows people to run or walk at a reduced body weight of up to 80 percent, while the differential air pressure technology assists by applying a comfortable lifting force to the body. By reducing the body weight, there is less impact on the muscles and joints, and people are able to move more naturally and without pain.

To use the AlterG, you simply step onto the treadmill and raise the enclosure to waist level to allow an air chamber to surround the lower part of the body. The controls are similar to regular treadmills with adjustable speed (0 mph to 18 mph) and incline levels (up to 15%). Once the the start button is pressed the AlterG measures your body weight, which can then be adjusted using the arrow keys, until a desired weight setting is achieved. As the body weight is adjusted, the air chamber inflates around the lower body and the air pressure “floats” your body upwards. The air pressure helps to make you feel secure and you are less likely to fall as you are supported laterally.

The treadmill can accommodate people from 90 to 400 pounds and is especially useful for people with lower body injuries. It can also be used for aerobic conditioning, maintaining fitness and sports-specific training, and can be weight adjusted from 100 percent to 20 percent weight-bearing in 1 percent increments.

With a US$24,500 price tag the AlterG M300 is aimed at physical therapy clinics, fitness and training facilities and well-off individuals. Pre-orders are being taken now with shipping beginning in November 2009.

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I have this model at my Provo Physical Therapy clinic. It is awesome. Here is one example of success.

I evaluated a patient a few days before I received my Alter G. I put her on a regular treadmill and observed that she could only walk for 45 seconds before pain required her to stop and sit. Because of her inability to exercise aerobically she has developed diminished lung capacity (50% of normal on Forced Vital Capacity). On her third visit (after our new Alter G arrived) she was able to walk for 0.25 mile without back pain when unloaded to 60% of body weight. My goal is to increase her lung capacity and her ability walk without pain.

Howard Knudsen
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