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Winner announced for 2012 Millenium Yacht Design Award


March 13, 2012

The Allochroous is the "Dream Boat" winner of the 9th Millennium Yacht Design Award

The Allochroous is the "Dream Boat" winner of the 9th Millennium Yacht Design Award

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The Allochroous is the Dream Boat category winner of the 9th Millennium Yacht Design Award (MYDA), an international competition for yacht designers around the world. Conceptualized by beginner entrants Ezgi Aksan and Ambra Ceronetti, Allochroous is a futuristic representation of what their dream yacht would be. Drawing upon innovative technologies, the key feature behind the concept is that the yacht is able to transform its functionality. The vision was to create a sustainable yacht that is ideal for enjoying a summer concert at sea.

The Allochroous is designed specifically to host events such as concerts, multi-media exhibitions, special events and private parties. Not only does the color of the boat transform by day or by night, but the yacht actually changes shape. The colors change due to the installation of glass tiles that change color depending on the outside temperature. The design of the yacht resembles a fish out-of-water, while twin floating arms and a motorized torpedo allow the hull of the yacht to descend to sea level when not in motion and rise when traveling.

The 40 meter (131 ft)-long vessel features a lounge area with tables and chairs, a concert floor and a cocktail bar. The lower deck includes guest services such as private bathrooms, cooking facilities and crew/backstage services. The base structure resembles a honeycomb structure and is built using recycled aluminum. Solar panels on the roof can generate enough energy to operate the yacht, while composite paneling bonded with layers of clear polycarbonate create an attractive anti-slip finish for floor and wall surfaces.

The Cronos entry was awarded special mention by the jury for its use of wood elements

The jury also gave a special mention to young designers Simone Madella and Lorenzo Berselli for their Cronos entry. This concept represented an interesting expression of interior design with a strong focus on wood materials. The sleek and simple lines of this entry create an attractive designer yacht concept that is reminiscent of the 60's.

Sources: MYDA, Ambra Ceronetti and Ezgi Aksan via Tuvie

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O...its a ship...thought it was a fruit bowl.

Joshua Galloway

I think the Cronos should have taken 1st prize... more practical and very stylish.

Theo Viljoen

Some interesting design features but overall worthless since it's purpose isn't a very realistic. If someone did commission it to be built you can guarantee they would fit the description more money than brains.

Jon Smith

yet another example of juries giving out awards on completely the wrong basis.

I thought a boat had to be able to float. Silly me.

I guess they don't care if the sea-concert goers get washed overboard by the first wake to roll past? Or does this thing need to be transported somewhere calm first. I doubt you could even tow it.


the Allochroous is the most ridiculous piece of 'design' I have ever seen.

Quite apart from the fact that hydrodynamics and buoyancy have been utterly ignored, why would you want to go to an outdoor theatre on a small ship? The sea is the worst place to be if you want calm weather and low winds, and since the audience is completely unprotected, the chances of hearing anything will be small.

Perhaps they'll give an aircraft design award to my invention - an airbourne, open-air infectious disease laboratory without wings.

The Cronos design is actually attractive and appears to be at least partially grounded in reality.



Edgar Castelo

I agree with all previous comments including the winner should have been the Cronos.

Joe Sobotka

The design looks like some high end, high fidelity concert, piano, orchestra or violin type. But at sea, even on the calmest day their will be noise. Concert halls are designed with special walls absorbing ambient sound, allowing pure music. Thus its agreed that the winner here is : Cronos.

Dawar Saify

is it so hard to understand that Cronos and Allochroous were in different categories? As I know, Allochroous were the ''dream boat''category winner. In Cronos's category the other boat won, not Allochroous.

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