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A GPS with Android and WiFi is on its way


December 14, 2011

The All Sports GPS is the first GPS unit to use Android and WiFi

The All Sports GPS is the first GPS unit to use Android and WiFi

The world's first handheld GPS to use the Android mobile operating system is gearing up for release. The All Sports GPS from Holux is also the first handheld unit with WiFi capability. The idea is to fuse smartphone capability into a handheld GPS, allowing users to download GPS apps directly without having to hookup to a computer.

The All Sports GPS is a cooperative effort between Taiwan's Holux, which manufactures GPS products, and Satski, a Canadian company best known for its winter sports apps. So, it's not surprising that the GPS will come pre-loaded with the SatSki app and a companion suite that includes other sports apps for golf, biking, running and geo-caching, among other activities.

The apps provide all sorts of speed, distance, real-time location and navigation information. For winter sports fans, the Satski app uses resort trail maps. There's also Facebook and Twitter integration and on online community at luvthesnow.com to share and boast about your greatest runs.

Another app included in the package is All Sports Maps, which allows users to download live maps, including Google, Nokia OVI, Open Street and Open Cycle, for later offline use, all for free. Similar apps in the Android Market can run you as much as ten US dollars for something well-suited to backcountry use, out of the range of a data connection.

SatSki promises that the All Sports GPS will be a "rugged, highly sensitive IPX 6-rated unit" that also supports Bluetooth health monitor accessories. No word on an exact release date or pricing for the device, but the company promises it is "coming soon."

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This waterproof android phone has been around for months. http://www.casiogzone.com/commando/

Chris Dube

..and this is different than my GPS-enabled, Wifi capable/tether-capable Android phone with sports apps..how?

Matt Rings

It\'s rugged and waterproof, unlike your phone.


Wondering the same thing!


I believe it is for those who don\'t want a cellular connection.

Gary Richardson

OOhhh nice.

More durable than a phone, and a better gps antenna. I have been waiting to dump my old Garmin. This might do it.

Dick Nielson
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