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Ideabox "Aktiv" prefabricated furnished home


April 5, 2012

Ideabox prefabricated homes

Ideabox prefabricated homes

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Ideabox, an architectural firm from Portland, Oregon, has launched its "Aktiv" line of prefabricated homes which will be equipped with IKEA furnishings and appliances.

The one-bedroom modular homes are claimed to be eco-friendly, and are designed with no wasted space. They are constructed with a combination of fiber-cement and corrugated metal siding, and incorporate a standing seam metal roof and conditioned storage space. The interior features clean modern lines, open spaces, and lots of glass for indoor/outdoor living.

The kitchen offers flexibility and is designed around an open central working space. It comes equipped with an induction cook top, convection oven, counter depth refrigerator, cabinet faced dishwasher and lots of cabinet space. Furthermore, clients can select their own color schemes, with flooring to match. The bathroom features a two-sink vanity and lots of storage, while the bedroom features a functional IKEA built-in series of closet systems.

The 800 square foot (74 sq. meter) home was presented to the public during the Portland Home & Garden Show and comes with an estimated US$86,500 price tag.

Source: Ideabox

Ed's note: this article was amended on 6/04/2012 to correct a reporting error - the homes are appointed by IKEA, not designed by IKEA as originally reported. We apologize for the error.

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Houses are not supposed to be disposable like Ikea furniture is. I can't help but imagine it has 6' ceilings and kitchen countertops that are 8" deep.

The Hoff

@ The Hoff, It's not disposable, just pre-fabricated housing. Pre-fab was a popular idea during the Post-War era for rapid reconstructions, among other things. It might become fashionable again.

And if you checked the photos (they are right there!) you will see it has at least 9' ceilings, even 10'+ at some places! And regular sized counters.

Calvin k

Looks like an updated mobile home


...absolutely superb – my idea has become reality, finally – this is what it's all about...Perfect. I'm from Sweden and have "lived" with IKEA "forever" and this new "cooperation" is astounding... Standard American built homes are borderline atrocious in my opinion – have never been good and still aren't...they may look nice, but that's it....


I can get one bigger for less...89k is totally unreasonable and don't forget you have to buy a piece of land for it. I'm not slagging manufactured homes, fact is they are better built and sturdier than site built homes, they have to be to withstand the stresses of transporting them, and that is something a site built home could never handle. On a recent tour of a manufacturer in Florida I saw the frame out of a standard home, the walls were made from 2x10's instead of 2x4's, this means that your walls are more than twice as thick allowing for more than double the insulation and a much stronger home, to add to the strength the joints are all glued and screwed instead of simple nails. I have hurricanes to deal with almost yearly and the strength of my home is of paramount importance, I am waiting for my new home to be delivered on or around June first. FYI i got 1100 sq, ft. for less than 30k, no Ikea furniture, but i did get a fireplace and a stainless and slate kitchen...'green' is over priced if you need someone else to do it for you, i can't build a house, but i can buy an energy efficient one...for another 10k i can get enough solar to make my power meter spin backwards...that's green and 49k less than the home described in the story.

John Parkes

John Hemingway Parkes—

Care to tell us who manufactured your 1100 sq ft home?



What I like in a prefab house like this, is that they are mostly made from hardcoat stucco or reinforce fiberglass that is very strong and durable. This material not only for external and furnishings, it is also good for exterior wall.

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