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AKG unveils 1,000-euro stainless steel earbuds


June 28, 2011

AKG has unveiled its stainless steel 3-way K3003 earphones, which sell for EUR 1,000 a pair (Photo: Colette)

AKG has unveiled its stainless steel 3-way K3003 earphones, which sell for EUR 1,000 a pair (Photo: Colette)

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There are a lot of nice new electronic gizmos that you could buy for 1,000 euro, which currently equals out to about US$1,435. You could purchase the world's smallest interchangeable-lens camera (the Pentax Q) and have change left over, you could buy six LaCie CloudBox hard drive/cloud storage devices, six HTC EVO 3D smartphones, or you could get yourself a pair of earbuds ... AKG's K3003 reference class 3-way earphones, to be precise.

Billed as "the world's smallest true 3-way supreme audio earphones," the K3003s' housings are each handmade from a solid piece of stainless steel. The cord's Y connector is also made of steel, as is the 3.5 mm jack plug, and the exterior of the cord-mounted volume control/microphone unit. Both earphone cords are rubber-coated, while the single stereo plug cord is reinforced with cloth.

The AKGs are said to utilize "a new hybrid technology for great sound," and like many higher-end earphones, are reportedly able to seal out most ambient sounds using passive noise reduction. Their frequency range is 10Hz to 30kHz.

Although they won't be officially launched until the IFA electronics show in September, the K3003's are available online as a "sneak peek" from June through August, via the website of Parisian electronics retailer Colette.

Source: Gizmodo

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OH to be worthlessly wealthy, sigh,,

Bill Bennett

Useless. The silicon rubber coated copper cable will be shredded within five years. Wrap the cable in steel mesh and these might last a decent length of time.


For that kind of mone buy yourself a really nice set of custom IEMs and take the extra money to buy something that will actually give you a signal worth listening to on high end IEMs...

Customs have nice things like replaceable cables and are built from molds of your ear.

What a waste of money...

Chris Moss

You don\'t understand guys - its\' a perfect companion for your new iPod/iPhone, it\'s a shiny piece of metal that will add more to your image... that\'s what it is for!

Михаил Финогенов
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