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Airhead insert increases helmet ventilation, eliminates "helmet hair"


March 14, 2012

The Airhead fits neatly inside the helmet

The Airhead fits neatly inside the helmet

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The Airhead is a simple accessory designed to fit inside a helmet and increase air circulation, keeping you cooler. By limiting your head heat and perspiration, Airhead also promises to combat "helmet hair."

A lot of time has been spent trying to make the helmet look better when it's on, but not as much time seems to have been put into making you look better when you take the helmet off. We're talking helmet hair - that grungy, wet, matted mess of hair that isn't appropriate much of anywhere that you might be traveling on your motorcycle.

Conceived during a road trip on long, lonely stretches of barren Australian asphalt, Airhead tackles the problem head on (pun intended). It is designed to help you maintain the carefully groomed hair that you spent minutes or hours parting and spraying before clamping your dirty helmet on top of it.

The device pops inside your helmet and creates a little more room between head and helmet, thereby increasing air circulation. The extra circulation is supposed to decrease perspiration and keep one's hair groomed and vibrant. Helmet hair may not be the most pressing issue facing mankind, but when you roll up to work in your motorcycle using Airhead, at least you won't have to worry about explaining why you look like a Labrador that just dragged a bird out of the bay.

The Airhead is made specifically for motorcycle helmets and is designed to be one-size-fits-all. You can pop it in within seconds by simply bending it, springing it into place and adjusting. It features soft, non-allergenic silicone, so it should be comfortable on your head. From the look of it, all those silicone spikes might even massage your scalp.

While the Airhead was built for motorcycle helmets, its website says that it works with pretty much any helmet, including ski and snowboard helmets. We've seen some ski helmet designs recently that appear to trade ventilation for increased impact absorption, so something like this could possibly add back a little circulation, assuming it allows for a safe, proper fit.

Airheads come in a variety of styles and retail for US$25.

Source: TwoWheelCool via Ubergizmo

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Looks like a great idea... Now lets see if it helps. Before moving the not so "Great NW," my motorcycle was my primary mode of transportation to combat fuel prices; however, i was left with lumpy hair hair after even a short ride. Ive been hoping for this product to come along for a while, thanks.

Drew Rose

@Drew, what is lumpy hair hair? is that like super lumpy hair I get after taking the dawg out for a walk in a rain suit? or?...I would like to know as I take JJ for a walk every night and need a cure for super lumpy hair here in Orygun after taking JJ out for a walk whilst it is raining

Bill Bennett

I ride a m/c professionally and privately in all weather for many hours at a time-so this interests me greatly.

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