AI Riders On The Storm hooded down jacket keeps your face warm


October 18, 2012

The jacket from AI Riders On The Storm has built-in goggles to shield you from the elements

The jacket from AI Riders On The Storm has built-in goggles to shield you from the elements

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For those in the Northern Hemisphere winter is coming, and with it, all kinds of interesting and creative jackets that are ready to keep you warm. This hooded down jacket certainly takes the title of most interesting looking jacket we've seen for a while. It has a built-in goggle system that covers your whole head and face, keeping your upper body completely shielded from the elements.

The non-detachable hood has air holes over your nose and ears. Obviously, you're trying to keep warm, not suffocate and go deaf. The jacket, designed by John Bean of AI Riders On The Storm, has a removable pom-pom, so if that's not really your style you can yank it off. That might actually make you look more like a bank robber though.

The goggle portion of the jacket features interchangeable lenses, so if the dark color that comes with it doesn't work for you, you can ditch them in favor of something that suits your style a little better. The jacket itself comes in two color patterns; black/silver and olive/orange.

The jacket features a quilted down feather lining to keep you warm on even the most bitterly cold days. It has two zippered pockets inside and straps at the cuffs to keep air out. It retails for US$424 and comes in Italian sizes 46, 50, and 52.

Source: Luisaviaroma via GearJunkie

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Needs to incorporate this, a heat exchanger for your breath.

The Kid

LOL.. I have to get one of these for those brisk NYC winters where you get an ice-shave from the wind. Wearing this at day or night while walking fast, as we do in NYC, would clear a path for me through other pedestrians on the sidewalk and definitely startle a few people, along with some laughs... where's the all black version? .. reminds me of the movie, "Fun with Dick and Jane," where they wear those funny get-ups to rob their employer.. all this jacket needs is a robotic voice box so when I talk, I can sing,... "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.."


Looks like Abe from OddWorld inhabitants.

Denis Klanac

I'm wondering how the humidity is controlled inside of it.

But I think that the jacket is a bit short to be really practical against cold so it looks more like a fashion accessory.

Kris Lee

Lose the pompom and have a matching bib overall. With warm boots and gloves, a guy would be good for all day. Maybe an optional sign on the back, No, I am not an alien, I'm just staying warm.

Larry Hoffman

What's wrong with this picture??? Oh right, YOU CAN'T TURN YOUR HEAD wearing this get-up!!! Maybe if the goggles had a wider, more 'panoramic' view, then maybe you could turn and actually see the "on-coming plow-truck as you cross the snow-covered NYC street!" FOOLISH MORTALS....!


Most places have laws against adults wearing masks except during Halloween. This should be interesting...


OK, let's start the countdown to when someone wears one of these to disguise themselves while committing a crime.

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