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Adventure Underwear adds pockets to protect your valuables


August 4, 2013

Adventure Underwear offers security for travelers, who can keep their valuables in their underpants

Adventure Underwear offers security for travelers, who can keep their valuables in their underpants

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There's a big world out there to explore, but traveling brings with it certain risks, with tourists often targeted by pickpockets and other criminal types. It is therefore essential for travelers to keep their valuables close at all times, and where could be better to store your worldly possessions than in your underwear. Armed with merino wool and polyethylene, US start-up Adventure Underwear has taken on this brief.

Adventure Underwear was created to "provide a practical solution to safeguarding your valuables when you travel without sacrificing comfort or style." It's underwear made from 100% Australian superfine merino wool, a material "which is soft, lightweight, breathable, quick drying, and doesn't hold odors." It's also helps keep the wearer warm in cold weather, and cool in hot climates.

If this was just wool underwear it wouldn't have made it onto the pages of Gizmag, but the innovation comes in the form of two built-in pockets designed to hold and protect your valuables at all time. One of the pockets is designed for quick access, while the other is designed to store your valuables even when you head into the sea for a dip.

This second pocket is made from polyethylene and certified waterproof up to 200 ft deep. Measuring 6 inches by 4.5 inches (15.2 cm by 11.4 cm) it's potentially large enough to hold a wallet, a passport, a small camera, and other assorted items you'd be devastated to lose. The idea of stitching pockets into underwear for added security isn't a new one, but making one of the pockets waterproof to such depths is.

After eight different iterations the creators of Adventure Underwear have decided to bring the underwear to market and are seeking to raise US$30,000 by Aug 21 through a Kickstarter campaign.

At the moment Adventure Underwear is only available for men in sizes ranging from Small to XXL. If the company raises $50,000 from the Kickstarter project they will also start producing a version for women.

One pair of Adventure Underwear will set you back $39. Shipping to the US and Australia is free, with $20 added to the price for shipping to all other countries. While this isn't cheap, the creators justify the price by reminding potential buyers that these replace the need for a money belt and waterproof bag. You also get a nice-looking pair of wool underwear out of the deal.

Source: Adventure Underwear, Kickstarter

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Sweet! There has been a steady trend to show more and more of the underwear and now when it actually has pockets the next step would be obvious. Lets wear the underwear on the outside, just like superman. :-) (Have a question about etiquette though. Should I wear underwear under the pants that are under the underwear or will the pants become the new underwear?)

Conny Söre

WOOL? You've GOT to be kidding? Wool makes me itch like crazy! I sure don't need itchy underwear!


Who would want to wear dried salty wool underpants after a swim. It would be better to have a second pair of swim shorts and that the pockets could be attached to either. Also in many climates you cannot dry merino wool overnight.... Assuming you are wearing these for a month of travel including swimming these would be pretty skanky quite soon!

Sara Mccracken

Whether they can make a profit-making business of it, who knows, but I can say Merino underwear is great stuff. Not too scratchy for 80% of us. Wear underwear for a month...? Get two pair.

Tad Hewz

I am not sure why one would want to put pockets in underwear. Are not pockets is slacks sufficient. If you are worried about someone picking your pocket get the zipper or button type. I think I would notice if some one were fondling me long enough to unzip a zipper/unbutton a button AND then reach in for a wallet. And if the man was wearing his pants as tight as I wear mine (many men do), reaching into the pocket cannot be unnoticed.

As to being good for swimming, my father had swimming trunks when I was growing up that had a fishnet type pocket inside the trunks, some I think had one of two side pockets like pants (never understood how those would hold things in water because we were pre-velcro.)

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