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Adult-sized, His and Hers home robots


October 7, 2003

Adult-sized, His and Hers home robots

Adult-sized, His and Hers home robots

Wednesday October 8, 2003Looking for some entertaining, hassle free housemates whose personality you can program yourself? These interactive, remote controlled, multifunctional robots were designed and built by International Robotics and feature on-board computers that can be fully programmed for communication or automated "performance" sequences. The adult-sized pair are part of the 2003 Christmas Book from Dallas based specialty retailer Neiman Marcus. The "His" Robot is designed to respond empathetically to humans and features programmable technology that will help him evolve his personality to suit your preferences and input. The "Her" Robot has a multicolour moving message display that can be re-programmed from a laptop. These state of the art home Robots cost US$400,000 a pair. The 2003 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is full of fantastic wares, many of which rate as serious gizmos - visit www.neimanmarcus.com where the catalogue is available online or read more in Gizmo's email newsletter this week.

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