Japanese whalers smash the Ady Gil stealth trimaran in half on their first meeting


January 5, 2010

Less than 2 months into its tour of duty as an anti-whaling vessel, the Adi Gil has been smashed and sunk by a Japanese whaling team.

Less than 2 months into its tour of duty as an anti-whaling vessel, the Adi Gil has been smashed and sunk by a Japanese whaling team.

Enviro-warrior stealth boat the Ady Gil has reportedly been rammed by a security vessel employed to protect a Japanese whaling ship. The crew of the Ady Gil had been launching projectiles at the Nisshin Maru whaling vessel and attempting to entangle its propeller with rope, when the 1.5 million dollar craft was suddenly approached and rammed by the Shonan Maru, one of the Japanese security vessels. The attack smashed the sleek biodiesel-powered trimaran in half, and it sank, although the crew of six has been rescued uninjured.

So much for the stealth approach. Less than two months after the $1.5 million Ady Gil was donated to Sea Shepherd to be used as part of anti-whaling protests in the Southern ocean, it lies smashed on the Antarctic sea floor.

Skipper Pete Bethune and his crew made their first contact with the Nisshin Maru and its security vessels earlier today, and began efforts to disrupt the whalers' activities. To date, the Japanese have been harpooning for about a month.

The attack leaves Sea Shepherd with two ships, the Steve Irwin and the Bob Barker, which are en route to the scene, apparently with every intention of escalating the situation.

Via The Age.

Update: CNN has video of the incident.

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Ha ha! Sweet! Enviro-fascists have it coming to them. Next!


Yup thats what happens when you go swanning about like a bunch of pirates.


Serves those idiots right. I\'m amazed at how clueless they act on the Whale Wars show on Discovery channel. They seem like such morons that I\'ve wondered if it was staged to gain sympathy. I guess not.

I hope there filming a new season, because I can\'t wait to see this.


They must have had bozo the clown at the helm, of course the whaling ship would try to ram them. If they had a clue they would have speed away.

Great victory to the Japanese.


I watched a clip of the incident and was amazed when the Ady Gil made no attempt to get clear of the Japanese security boat, who immediately realised the enemy was dead in the water !, whoever was driving the Ady Gil should bear responsibility for it\'s demise


\"All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing\"

I salute the crew of the Ady Gil for protecting the Law of Australia when our government will do nothing.

The other comments here disgust me, I thought the readers of Gizmag could see past the end of their noses to the real issue here - the poaching of marine life.


Since the purpose of \'Whale Wars\' and the actions by the captain of the Steve Irwin are to increase public awareness of Japanese whaling \'research\' it is no wonder why someone might question whether the intent was to smash the Adi-Gil on purpose. I\'m fairly certain the larger vessel has right of way. This video on youtube: clearly shows that the Adi-Gil had forward propulsion engaged and did not correct their course. If there were a type of boat to be rammed into a steel hulled vessel, it would be a carbon-epoxy hull which would clearly not endanger the larger craft. The tv show purports it\'s volunteers are ready to die for their cause. I\'m sure that maxim includes an understated but very real \'will not endanger others\'.


Geez composites will yield to steel alloys WTH were they thinking. They have a suicidal plan they need to re-think their game plan absolutely no strategy.

Chio Choi

Whale meat tastes like crap anyways. The Japanese love that stinky greasy meat so much that they\'re willing to kill these amazing creatures. Perhaps someone should start sinking their ships.

Jerid Ure

Posted in wrong comment section by \"fox4hhh\" - I\'ve reposted it in here:

\"Brutal slaughter of a dwindling whale population?\" First of all what proof do you have that the whale population is dwindling? Everything I read except for data from organizations that have a financial stake in or political agenda in the demise of the whale says that whale populations have continued to grow at remarkable rates. As for the tree hugging nuts that try to damage property and ruin the livley hoods of comercial fisherman they got what they deserved. They should all be sank and their crews sent floating like anyother pirate. I dont understand why these comercial whaling/fishing vessals arent armed to the teeth to protect their property and their lives. Hopfuly the next Addy Gale gets sent to Davey Jones\' locker as well. Happy whaling/fishing fellas.


Unless whales are endangered, I see no reason not to hunt them, as long as we're smarter about it than we were in the old sailing days. As far as I've been able to find out, there aren\'t massive whale hunting fleets out there, just a few small fleets that hunt in controlled manners. What these idiots are doing are harrasing legitamit fishermen and damaging their ships. That is criminal and I have no sympathy for them in regards to this. If all they did was shadow them and film what they do I wouldn't have any problem with them and I would be angry with the Japanese if they sank them anyways, but since the Japanese have so far been following strict international laws in not using more force than is needed, then I have no sympathy with the enviro nuts. Stupid * hippies should get a real job...

Bones McNasty

woah!! The enviromental terrorists are really active here on gizmag. We have been active whale protectors in Australia since the 60\'s and people like the ones you are paying out are the reason why there is a resurgence in whale populations. Australia now makes more money from whale watching than Japan, Norway and others make in total from their slaughter. Keep at it Sea Shepherd, you people are the real heroes not you internet cynics.


you guys are real stupid if you think that killing whales is fine. Those Japs are able to kill whales right now because PEOPLE DECIDED TO BAN KILLING OF WHALES BECAUSE THERE WEREN\'T MANY LEFT IN THE PAST. So don\'t make any BS argument saying \"as long as whales aren\'t endangered...\" because they would have been by now if everyone was as disgusting cruel as those Japs. BTW there are not THAT many in the OCEAN AND IT is BETTER TO PREVENT THE PROBLEM THAN FIXING IT LATER WHICH ACTUALLY DID HAPPEN IN THE PAST SO DO YOUR RESEARCH.

Remember. We did not ban killing of whales to allow those disgusting humans to have more to kill, we did it because we actually care about wildlife unlike them so even a stupid attempt of these idiots in showing the evils of Japs is better than what you stupid people who would rather sit on your asses and not care about anything while thinking that you are the center of the world.


Sea Shepherds are clowns at sea, but at least they could borrow Batmans ship. Minke whales are not among the endangered species, why not go to a more sensible war?

Arne Huse

\"unless whales are endangered\" wow, do some research. The whales would have been extinct if countries such as the US did not ban whale killing. Countries did not ban whale killing so the Japanese can have more whale. Those idiots are doing more to provide awareness than you will ever do about anything in the environment

\"I see no reason not to hunt them...\" seriously? They were hunted before and do you know what happened? There were so few in the ocean, people decided to ban hunting of whales so why would we make the mistake again?


While it is true that populations of many species of whale are on the increase since the end of widespread hunting, I think one of the more compelling reasons to end the hunting of all whales is to do with the welfare of the animal being hunted. Based on data from the whalers themselves (, the time-to-death of a harpooned whale using a grenade-tipped harpoon is about 7 minutes for a Minke whale and about 15 minutes for a fin whale. (FYI: the grenade is meant to explode inside the animal and shorten the time it takes for the whale to die.) Think about it. 7 to 15 minutes of suffering before death. And it gets worse. Some animals have taken up to 45 minutes to die by this method. From this I conclude that there is no humane method by which to kill a whale and so the practice should be abolished. Cultural and economic arguments in favour of whaling are ridiculous in the face of such statistics.

Sebastian Mynott

It\'s obvious that many commenters come to Gizmag because of a love of gadgets, not a love of science.



Facebook User

that\'s right... cannabalism is our only other option.


If you watch the video taken of the Adi Gil debarcle you will that it turned cross the bow of the Japanese whaler. So who is telling the truth. John McMnus

John M

aldoala101, racist comments don\'t help your argument.


Basic marine regulation. The boat coming from the right (starboard) has the right of way, in this case the Adi Gil. The skipper obviously knew this which is why the approach from that side to disrupt the course of the larger vessel.

Presumambly they will file a law suit for damages under international law, which eventually they probably will win.

I would have thought magnetic that mines to the hull would be a more cost effective declaration of war...

Clement Cohen

Clement....Basic Marine regulation.....The larger, less manueverable vessel has the right away. Period. Does a super-tanker have to give way to a Jet-ski approaching from the right? Think about it.


As I understand it, whale meat is heavily contaminated with mercury. If true, you\'d think Minimata might have taught folks something.

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