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Nextar adds to SNAP GPS line


October 30, 2008

The Magnetic Docking Station for the SNAP5 and SNAP7

The Magnetic Docking Station for the SNAP5 and SNAP7

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October 30, 2008 Nextar has added two new models to its SNAP line of GPS systems. Joining the 3.5" SNAP3, the 5” SNAP5 and 7” SNAP7 both feature touch-screen displays, built-in stereo speakers, Nextar’s magnetic docking station, text-to-speech (English) technology and both are only 0.7” thick. All models in the SNAP line come with a 2GB SD card offering maps of the entire US and all of Canada.

The units feature 4:3 TFT touch-screen displays and a special automatic night mode offers additional screen lighting for easy-on-the-eye viewing. The two new systems provide millions of points of interest and if a user misses a turn, a new route is recalculated instantly. Both units also have the capability of playing MP3 files and displaying JPEG images, while addresses for favorite destinations can be stored in either model. Other features include 2D and 3D map-viewing modes, a SD card slot for additional memory, and a built-in antenna. A lightweight, built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery supplies power and accessories for both units include an AC/DC adapter, car adapter, USB cable, protection pouch, suction cup, and a stylus/touch pen.

The Nextar SNAP5 and SNAP7 navigation systems will be available across the U.S. in Spring 2009. The SNAP5 has a SRP of USD$299.99, while the SNAP7 has a SRP of USD$349.99.

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