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ADATA shows off worlds thinnest USB 3.0 external drive


September 27, 2012

The DashDrive Elite HE720 is (for the time being) the thinnest USB 3.0 external HDD at 8.9 mm

The DashDrive Elite HE720 is (for the time being) the thinnest USB 3.0 external HDD at 8.9 mm

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In the technology world, everyone wants to have the thinnest, fastest, smallest device going around to gain some bragging rights, if only for a short time. ADATA only let Toshiba hold the title of the world's thinnest external HDD for a few days before it rolled out its DashDrive Elite HE720. Coming in at 8.9 mm thick, ADATA managed to shave a fraction of a millimeter off Toshiba's 9 mm thick Canvio Slim portable drive and take the title ... for now, anyway.

While the thickness might be negligible, the difference in price between the two 500 GB drives is substantial. The DashDrive Elite HE720 comes in at US$90 while Toshiba's Canvio Slim retails for $115. That $25 difference is pretty huge when the two drives are almost the same size, are both USB 3.0, and feature the same storage capacity.

Another point of difference is the finish, with Toshiba's unit coming in black or silver brushed aluminum, while ADATA's device is stainless steel boasting 9H level scratch resistance. As an added bonus, the DashDrive Elite HE720 also comes with a 60-day trial of Norton Internet Security and a three-year warranty. This might not be a huge selling point for some users, but it is hard to complain whenever you get something for free.

This is just a reminder that the tech world moves fast. One day you can be toting a reasonably priced USB 3.0 HDD that is thinner than any of the competition, and just a few short days later, you are dethroned by a cheaper, thinner model.

Source: ADATA

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It's amazing to think a few years ago, this was the price for a spinning disk!

Nicolas Zart
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