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Acura ILX gets racing and street special editions


November 2, 2012

The ILX Endurance Racer gets tuned for racing

The ILX Endurance Racer gets tuned for racing

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The 2013 ILX sedan has developed a bit of a chip on its shoulder ... Acura recently showed its entry-level four-door in two powerful tunes for its first trip to the SEMA Show in more than half a decade. Both tunes juice and streamline the ILX, one for endurance racing and one for the street.

The ILX Endurance Racer was prepared by Team Honda Research-West to meet the U.S. Touring Car specifications of the National Auto Sport Association (that's a different NASA than the one we're used to). The THR-W team focused mostly on cutting weight while also upgrading the car's safety, performance and aerodynamics.

The Endurance Racer is upgraded with an AEM cold air intake, an HPD-lightened flywheel and racing clutch package, a custom-built racing exhaust, H&R; suspension, and Enkei RPF1 wheels dressed in BFGoodrich R1 race tires, among other parts. It also includes a full roll cage, race seat, competition steering wheel, LED lighting system and rear spoiler.

The ILX will make its racing debut at next month's 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance race.

Moving off the race circuit and onto the street, the 2013 ILX "Street Build" is designed to navigate neighborhood and highway with a bit more performance and flair.

The tune was performed by Evasive Motorsports. With the help of an ECU tune, a CT Engineering supercharger kit lets 250 horses out of their 2.4-liter four-cylinder stable. A prototype exhaust from Greddy gives the car the appropriate grumble. The aero-upgraded body sits on top of 19-inch Volk G25 wheels suspended by Tein Street Advance coilovers and covered in Pirelli P Zero tires.

Source: Honda News

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