Acer claims world’s first 50000:1 contrast ratio HD LCD monitor with the G24


July 6, 2008

The G24 with the matching Aspire Predator PC.
Pic courtesy engadget

The G24 with the matching Aspire Predator PC. Pic courtesy engadget

July 6, 2008 Acer’s new G24 LCD monitor is the first in the world to claim a 50000:1 contrast ratio courtesy of Acer’s Adaptive Contrast Management (ACM), which Acer claims produces dramatic improvements in gradation and detail, especially for dimmer and brighter scenes as well as enabling the G24 to use less power. Designed to entice PC gamers, the G24 supports high-definition (HD) graphics in a high contrast orange-black colored package that matches the Aspire Predator desktop PC.

The 24" 1920 x 1200 resolution widescreen G24 is designed for graphics-intensive HD games and multimedia applications with its rapid response time of up to 2 ms and 400-nit brightness through Acer’s CrystalBrite technology. The monitor also features Acer OD (overdrive) technology that significantly improves gray-to-gray levels by reducing deviation in transition time. The G24 is optimized for Windows Vista and supports HDMI easy connection to DVD players, set-top boxes and HD game consoles.

No word on a release date or pricing yet so stay tuned to Acer for further info.

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