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Armchair immersion: Ace Bayou's Wireless Audio Recliner


January 28, 2008

Ace Bayou's Wireless Audio Recliner

Ace Bayou's Wireless Audio Recliner

January 29, 2008 Media furniture manufacturer Ace Bayou has unveiled the latest addition to its Xfunctional platform - the Wireless Audio Recliner. Designed to utilize the space inside the chair to amplify sound, the new recliner includes wireless capabilities and built-in sound system with two forward-facing speakers and a subwoofer.

The Wireless Audio Recliner features the same Patented Audio Force Modulation™ (AFM) technology found in the X Rocker II - a system that utilizes the space inside the chair to amplify sound and enhance the immersive user experience by delivering vibration from the sub-woofer into the backrest.

Finished in black vinyl over fire retardant foam and a wood and metal frame, the recliner connects wirelessly with the most popular media devices - including home theater systems, mp3 players and gaming consoles - and multiple chairs can be daisy-chained together.

Ace Bayou is showcasing the Wireless Audio Recliner along with the recently introduced X Rocker Pro-Series and X Rocker 4.1 gaming chairs at the Las Vegas Market.

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