AC Schnitzer tunes the latest BMW ... bicycle?


August 7, 2012

AC Schnitzer makes the BMW M Bike Carbon Racer even more "carbon"

AC Schnitzer makes the BMW M Bike Carbon Racer even more "carbon"

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Tuners are a staple in the high performance auto market, building bigger, badder and more extreme versions of sports and luxury cars. AC Schnitzer is one such tuner, offering services for BMW vehicles. The latest vehicle it's chosen to tune isn't a 7 Series or an X5; it's a bicycle.

It's a little unconventional to see an automotive tuner spending time on a bicycle, where staples like horsepower boosts and aerodynamic body kits don't really apply. But AC Schnitzer saw an opportunity to apply its expertise in lightweight design to the BMW M Bike Carbon Racer.

At just 16.3 pounds (7.4 kg), the carbon-framed M Bike Carbon Racer is already a light, lithe two-wheeler. AC Schnitzer saw the opportunity to cut even more weight by adding more carbon. It stripped components off with abandon, replacing them with carbon and lightweight counterparts. Specifically, Schnitzer added a set of carbon wheels developed in conjunction with Xentis, plus a carbon saddle, a carbon saddle support and a new crank.

According to its numbers, AC successfully cut the bike's weight by a full kilogram, down to 15.2 pounds (6.9 kg). In contrast to BMW's 16.3-pound figure, AC Schnitzer lists the original weight at 17.4 pounds (7.9 kg), a fact that could have to do with the frame size (the bike is offered in five different frame sizes).

Though there's no impressive improved horsepower or acceleration figures to boast about, AC Schnitzer's work in cutting more than 12 percent of the bike's weight is notable in an industry that thrives on lighter, quicker components. The bike should move a little more easily under the cyclist's natural power.

AC Schnitzer lists the tuned M Carbon Racer as a "concept car," and given that half its press release compares the bike tune to its auto tunes, it appears the tuner is mostly interested in using it as a conversation starter and advertising tool for its bread-and-butter car tuning business. AC is offering the carbon fiber bike for sale, however. It told us the price is € 4,950 (US$6,150 at the time of publishing), which includes 19 percent VAT. That's a pretty big leap from the standard M Bike Carbon Racer's $3,579 listed price.

Source: AC Schnitzer

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I did a search for it and the only place I could find this or the original bmw version for sale is at the bmw store where you can buy bmw everything. POSER bike, what a laugh.

The Hoff

@Hoff I have no idea what you are talking about. I think it's cool that companies like BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, and Ferrari occasionally throw together a bike design. Were you trying to buy one and told no by AC Schnitzer sales? I doubt it.

Bikes are a mature technology that isn't easy to improve on and you just don't see the companies that fill the shelves at walmarts pushing the envelope like this concept from Audi:


Yep, I agree Diachi - car manufacturers have an in-depth knowledge of carbon fibre and its use that lends itself very well to enhancements in bike design and creation.

The Hoff's "too cool for school" dismissiveness is tiresome: this bike is what it is, and - as a bike - it's excellent.

Keith Reeder

" The bike should move a little more easily under the cyclist's natural power." "According to its numbers, AC successfully cut the bike's weight by a full kilogram, down to 15.2 pounds"

2.2 lbs add rider 150 rider plus bike 165.2 2.2/165.2 = 1.33% faster - uphill only it will be slower downhill and no diff on flats

one could also leave a quart of water at home, or lose a personal kilo of body weight for free



Yes but psychologically its going to feel much more than 1.33% faster, € 4,950 more!


No, it's true that nearly all of these concept bikes are junk compared to current top racing machines. Oh, guess what? They don't sell top racing machines at Walmart. Further, carbon fiber has been in use for about 25 years in the bike industry, so car makers are like babies taking their first steps in terms of experience with carbon fiber technologies. Furthermore, there are quite a number of people who have built up bikes in the 12 pound range. Bicycles are a mature technology, and although cool looks are important, they will not trump performance in terms of handling, efficiency and weight. I do enjoy seeing these articles, because sometimes they do attempt something significant.


I have to say that I don't see the point. It's not about design. The standard bike is already pretty enough and light enough. And, as pointed out, it isn't about speed either. An upright diamond-frame bicycle is simply a slow design. For something a bit faster - about twice as fast -- and cheaper, while weighing in at a "massive" 8.5 kilos, try one of these Obviously, the builders at M5 also know how to work with carbon. And they build bicycles, not cars. Very fast bicycles !


AC should stick to cars, because 1kg is pretty much crap on a bike like that. Tune crankset is heavy - use thm clavicula, go a step further with fiber-lyte chainrings. Xentis wheels? Really? You can do much better w/ enve rims and dash or extralite hubs. Seatpost looks like a pig, shifters look like shimano, sram red shifters and RD would do much better, the brakes are absolute pigs, kcnc, ax, thm, trp, eebrake are all much lighter and still get the job done. Cables and housing should be i-links and enjoy those pedals when the carbon spring breaks. Exustar makes a lighter version.

This is highly unimpressive and realistically, unworthy.

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