A-Cute geometric table and chairs by andViceVersa


December 6, 2012

andViceVersa's A-Cute table and chairs

andViceVersa's A-Cute table and chairs

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UK design outfit andViceVersa has come up with this novel take on the dining table and chairs. Named A-Cute, the set is designed to form a single cohesive shape when the chairs are tucked in.

Refreshingly, andViceVersa seems content to let its designs do the talking: precious little information is available on the company's website.

What we do know is that the form of A-Cute is "digitally prototyped" (i.e. designed on a computer) for manufacture in Italy, where metal sheets are folded and welded by hand into the prescribed geometry.

The A-Cute is available in two, six and eight-seat formations, though it isn't clear whether a single geometric form, or a choice of several, is available at each size.

Pricing and availability are unavailable on andViceVersa's website. We've asked the question, and will let you know as soon as we hear anything. One would imagine that, due to the relatively involved manufacturing process, that A-Cute won't come cheaply, quickly, or in significant numbers.

Update: On December 7 we received further information from andViceVersa. Prices start at £3,500 (US$5,600) for the two-seat version. Generally made to order, delivery times are two weeks for the two-seater, three weeks for the six-seater and one month for the eight-seater, from the time the order is placed. However, andViceVersa currently has one two-seat version in stock for prompter shipping.

Source: andViceVersa, via Design Milk

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Looks to be a very clever luxury design. Main problem of course is that you have to use the chairs where they come out, so maybe it's not as functional as a typical table + chairs setup, but hey, when it's not being used, it's basically an art piece.

Joel Detrow

The backs are angled in a strange way so you can't really be comfortable. Still, a great conversation piece. Bravo!

Siddharth Mehta
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