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99-inch-wide London house expected to fetch £450,000


May 26, 2014

The home is located in Denmark Hill, South-East London (Photo: Foxtons)

The home is located in Denmark Hill, South-East London (Photo: Foxtons)

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Some of the most interesting homes we've covered were conceived due to constraints in size, budget, or location. That said, there's generally more to work with than 2.5 meters (8 ft, or 99 inches) in width, as was the case with what's thought to be London's narrowest house. It recently hit the market and is expected to fetch at least £450,000 (US$757,000).

Located in Denmark Hill, South-East London, the semi-detached, one-bedroom house comprises a total floorspace of 43 sq m (466 sq ft), spread over two stories. Downstairs, there's a kitchen that's just 1.6 m (5.2 ft) wide, and a combined lounge and dining area that's a little more roomy, at 2.51 m (8.2 ft) in width.

The bedroom and bathroom are upstairs, and measure 2.51 m (8.2 ft), and 1.52 m (5 ft) in width respectively. There's also a surprisingly generous 22 m (75 ft)-long garden out back.

Despite being very, very small, the Denmark Hill home still looks far more practical to live in than Poland's Keret House, which is reckoned to be the world's narrowest house, measuring 1.2 m (48 in) at its widest point, and just 0.7 m (28 in) at its most narrow.

The estate agents report that the Denmark Hill home is currently under offer.

Source: Foxtons

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It seems to run against the reason of having a small house, low cost. It is - IMO - a lot of money to pay for a small dwelling.

It is well done and - as stated in the article - more practical than the narrowest house.


For that kind of money you could move to Toronto and buy a fairly large home or condo with land around the property. Ridiculous

Rocky Stefano

While I commend this and other great space-saving efforts, for that price it had better come with a solid gold toilet.

Dave Andrews

Am I the only one that noticed that there was no toothbrush holder.

Jay Finke
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