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Hand-finished 8x macro lens sticks to your iPhone


February 21, 2012

Chris Ferguson's 8x macro lens for iPhone sticks directly to the phone

Chris Ferguson's 8x macro lens for iPhone sticks directly to the phone

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Gizmag regulars will know we're partial to a bit of aspirational iPhone photographic lens-lust, even though I'm personally hesitant to splash out on an expensive lens kit that might be rendered obsolete come the next iPhone update. But this stick-on 8x magnification lens might just be low-tech and affordable enough to take the risk with.

Etsy seller Chris Ferguson hand-finishes his catchily named "iPhone 4 4S Macro Lens 8x Magnification - Sticky Mounts" to order. The ABS plastic housing comes with an "inherently sticky" gel pad which Ferguson claims leaves no residue on the iPhone, and sticks well to many iPhone cases - particularly plastic cases with a smooth glossy finish. The lens comes with an impact-resistant case. Ferguson claims the lens transforms the iPhone into a very powerful macro photography tool, and judging by the sample photographs this may prove not to be an idle boast.

As an optional extra, Ferguson produces a handle that sticks to the iPhone in a similar way. The idea is that, used in conjunction with the 8x macro lens, or for iPhone photography in general, the handle is more ergonomic, with the hand making a fist below the phone for easy access to the touchscreen capture button with the thumb.

The 8x macro lens will set you back US$69, the handle $29. Shipping within the US is $5 for either, with a $5 discount if you order both - so shipping remains $5. If you follow me. I wouldn't blame you if you don't. If you're really only interested in extreme close-ups, it's a cheaper option than either the iPro lens or the iPhone Lens Dial.

Product pages: 8x Lens, Handle; via Make

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