Fifth floor Moscow apartment transformed into light-filled "cabin"


August 16, 2012

Peter Kostelov's "cabin" apartment - not you average 5th floor abode

Peter Kostelov's "cabin" apartment - not you average 5th floor abode

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This modest sized apartment situated on the fifth floor of a tall building in Moscow was strongly overshadowed by surrounding buildings and a dark central courtyard. To correct the problem, architect Peter Kostelov transformed the interior design into an “Oak Tube” that allows natural light to filter through the entire abode.

The new wooden and cabin-like interior features a sequence of rooms that are joined together by unobstructed openings, which can be curtained off if necessary. To accomplish the transformation dead walls were replaced with glass ones, allowing natural light to illuminate the dining room, guest space, living space and work space from both sides. The middle section was slightly raised to catch the light from the windows, which also naturally reflects off the soft oak wall paneling. Meanwhile the darker parts of the home have been dedicated to the dressing room and bathroom zones.

The modern light oak walling also becomes the ceilings, flooring and even furniture, giving the impression that a single prefabricated structure has been inserted into the apartment. The oak panel walls feature inbuilt shelving, arched openings, furnishings for home entertainment systems, a desk and a double sized bed that seems to cascade down from the oak ceiling. The kitchen also gives the impression that it has been built into the Oak Tube, with matching oak furnished cupboards and kitchen stools.

It appears that all this home is missing is its very own wine oak barrel equipped with easy access tap and a fine Bordeaux!

Source: Peter Kostelov via Archdaily

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I am not a fan of open architecture but assuming that that is in a soviet era building it is pretty nice.


I hope that bed is going to get a matress!


re; Riaanh

That is not a bed it's a table.


Incredible! Given the small form factor of the apartment, the designer seemed to have saved much on material cost without sacrificing impeccable design!

Hats off to you Peter Kostelov!


I like the design. And because it was "strongly overshadowed by surrounding buildings", I was also hoping to see how the architect brought light into the new apartment. A couple pics of where it is situated with respect to those buildings would help a lot!

Thanks for the article.

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