In-built thermometer boosts baby bath safety


March 4, 2009

4moms Cleanwater Infant Bath tub

4moms Cleanwater Infant Bath tub

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March 5, 2009 Bathing a baby has to be one of the harder jobs for a new parent. Not only do you have to continually support their slippery, wet, little body, you also have to make sure the bath water is at exactly the right temperature. The 4moms Cleanwater Infant Bath tub with digital thermometer could make the job of bathing baby a little easier via a unique design that allows clean running water to enter the bath tub and be tested for correct temperature before coming into contact with your baby’s delicate skin.

The water collection area in the tub flows from the faucet into the reservoir where the temperature is tested by a digital thermometer. The water from the reservoir then overflows into the main part of the tub in a gentle, flowing motion. Meanwhile, dirty water is being continually expelled through sidewall drains.

The thermometer responds immediately to the water temperature and the color changing backlit display shows at a glance when the water is too hot (red), just right (green) or too cold (blue). In addition, there is an audible high temperature alert so you can focus on bathing baby without worrying about the water temperature.

The bottom of the tub is contoured and will fit in single and double basins as well as in the bathtub. The bath also includes a rinse cup which is handy when it comes time to rinse baby’s head after shampooing.

The bath retails for USD$39.95 and is available via Super Cool Baby.

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Bathing a Baby is long way down on the list of Hard jobs for a new parent..wake up! A parents best temperature guide is the soft skin on the inside of their own arm. This is another peice of Plastic junk that parents dont need, and uses valuble rescources to make, and with electronics embedded is a responsibility to dispose/recycle correctly.



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