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Japanese 3way House features a 23-foot climbing wall and ladders


May 29, 2012

Located in a suburban area in Tokyo, 3way House is creative family home featuring a series of climbing walls and ladders

Located in a suburban area in Tokyo, 3way House is creative family home featuring a series of climbing walls and ladders

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This creative family home features a series of climbing walls and ladders that guarantees to keep the family active. Located in a suburban area in Tokyo, the 3way House was created by Japanese studio Naf Architect & Design and offers an alternative to traditional family living. The structure resembles a modern Japanese family home with wooden flooring, kitchen and furnishings, however there is one obvious twist - do occupants take the stairs, ladder or wall to ascend?

“We aimed to create versatile living space which allows more opportunities to socialize with neighbors while multiplying family pleasure by closely connecting the ground and rooftop with three means of transportation,” says Naf architect Akio Nakasa.

To fulfill the district regulations, where the minimum housing height is seven meters (23 feet), the wooden home stretches over three levels and features a rooftop deck surrounded by a two-meter (6.5-foot) parapet. The parapet acts likes a protective wall around the open-air rooftop and ensures that the building reaches the required legal height. It also offers a great space for social gatherings, barbecues or relaxing. Furthermore, rooftop access can be reached by the seven-meter climbing wall that scales the home from the ground floor up.

Throughout the home a further series of ladders offer access to the living room, games room, kitchen, laundry and bedrooms. If you don’t feel like making the climb, however, there are also traditional stairs that run up from the kitchen to the sun room. These creative vertical pathways don’t only change the lifestyle of the home, but also create openings for natural light and air to flow through. Although the exterior of the building is quite simple and unassuming, we can pardon the architects as the fun climbing pathways make up for it.

Source: Naf Architect & Design via Dezeen

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For such a simple Idea they've built a lot of WTF-Moments into the house. Why is there a door blocking your climbing path? Why is there a window below you climbing path? Why does the path end next to a handrail? Okay. I get that one, so no one drops into the climbing well. But it's not the most elegant solution I could come up with.


Indeed. That door in the climbingpatch sure is puzzling. I'm amazed of the total lack of security considerations in the design. A bare concrete floor under the climbing wall. Seriously?

Conny Söre

Looking at the picture the bare concrete floor looks like it is meant to hold a big cushion. But it is not there yet. And about the door in the middle of the climbing path, well... it's the door to enter the room behind the wall, as you can use the climbing wall as stairs to get to every room in the house.


Not just the door, but the door closer at the top of it looks a bit risky... They could easily stick foot pads on the door so climbers could pass it...

The hole at the bottom of the wall must be for those who prefer crawling around the house...

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