3D Printing

3D printed teeth kill bacteria

Creating replacement parts for various bits of the human body is one of the many areas in which 3D printing has huge potential. Dental implants are on that list, too, and if new research out of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands comes to fruition, 3D-printed replacement teeth could come with the added bonus of being able to destroy 99 percent of bacteria that they come into contact with.Read More

Glowforge 3D laser printing juggernaut enters life after crowdfunding

After a record shattering Kickstarter campaign that netted the company more than $27.9M in purchases in less than thirty days, Glowforge is gearing up to bring its novel take on three-dimensional fabrication to the masses. Gizmag spoke to Glowforge founder and CEO, Dan Shapiro, about the market, the future, and how pancakes relate to when the product will ship.Read More

Scientists use 3D printer to create synthetic hair

You know how when you're using a hot glue gun, and you get all those little strands of glue forming when you pull the gun back from the surface being glued? Well, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have used that same principle to create 3D-printed "hair." The discovery could allow for the creation of 3D-printed devices containing brushes or bristles … or even for making troll dolls.Read More

3D-printed robotic tentacle reaches new level of squirminess

A newly developed approach to 3D printing has produced an octopus-inspired robotic device claimed to offer an unprecedented level of agility. Cornell University engineers crafted the soft artificial muscle using commercially available material and say it points to a future of more advanced robotic devices inspired by nature. Read More

Researchers create a 3D-printed vehicle that can power a 3D-printed home (and vice versa)

A research team from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ONRL) has created a new model for how we can connect the way we power our homes and vehicles. Dubbed AMIE (Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy), the platform features special technology that allows a bi-directional flow of energy between a dwelling and a vehicle. In other words, the house can fuel the car and the car can fuel the house. What's more, ORNL used 3D printing technology to build the dwelling and the vehicle, before successfully trialing the new energy system.Read More

3D-printed Adidas running shoe should fit like a glove

Custom-made sports footwear is typically the preserve of professional athletes, but perhaps not for much longer. Adidas has unveiled a 3D-printed running shoe midsole concept that it hopes to make publicly available. Futurecraft 3D would be molded to the wearer's foot shape, for improved performance.Read More

World's largest delta 3D printer could build entire houses out of mud or clay

WASP (World's Advanced Saving Project) is set to unveil Big Delta, reportedly the world's largest delta 3D printer, later this week. This 12-meter (40 ft) tall behemoth was brought to life with the purpose of building nearly zero-cost housing through the use of local materials and as little energy as possible, offering quick and inexpensive relief to disaster areas and addressing the future housing needs of a rapidly growing world population.Read More

3D-printed Mars shelter concept is out of this world

Though the field is still relatively new, 3D-printed architecture could prove a real boon to potential Mars colonizers. Inspired by NASA's competition seeking ideas for potential 3D-printed Mars habitats, French firm Fabulous has designed a conceptual shelter, dubbed Sfero, that would be 3D-printed on the Red Planet using locally-available materials.Read More


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