Winners of 3D Printer Challenge design vehicles for the year 2040


February 19, 2013

Some of the MakerBot and GrabCAD 3D Print Challenge winning vehicles

Some of the MakerBot and GrabCAD 3D Print Challenge winning vehicles

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Last week, MakerBot and GrabCAD announced the winners of their recent 3D Printer Challenge in Brooklyn, New York. The challenge required designers to come up with futuristic vehicles for the year 2040, with the concept models optimized for printing in 3D on a MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer. Out of 151 entries, six winners were selected, with the first prize receiving a MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer and the runner up a MakerBot Replicator 1 Desktop 3D Printer.

The winners

1st place: Alpha by Omega

Not surprisingly, Alpha by Omega of Germany is a concept spaceship with echoes of hot rodding in its triple exhaust and spoilers. It’s backed by a fanciful scenario involving the future discovery of cold fusion and the invention of a ”magnetoplasmadynamic thruster (cMPD)” just in time for a spot of Mars terraforming.

2nd place: 2040 Direct Drive Vehicle by Gaberiel Ortin

Canada’s 2040 Direct Drive Vehicle is for “individuals that can’t live without a fundamental driving experience.” It’s an electric vehicle with drive-by-wire and rotating seats for better visibility.

3rd place: Personal Hot Rod by Matthew Gueller

The Personal Hot Rod is the 2040 version of today’s hot rod motorcycles, reimagined as a quad bike.

4th place: Firanse R3 by Luis Cordoba

Mexico’s Luis Cordoba took the 3D printer part of the challenge to heart and came up with this concept made entirely out of 3D-printed parts using recycled material. Designed with separate cab and drive modules, it’s infinitely customizable and affordable.

5th place: Sampa by Brian

The US-designed Sampa or “Gunnar" is what it says on the box – a jet powered “motorcycle.” This airborne hover bike uses 3D-printed internal parts with a carbon/aluminum panel overlay and has “a top speed comparable to an aircraft.”

6th place: LB1 by user Marcos

Looking like one of the famous pods from 2001: a Space Odyssey, the LB1 from Mexico is a personal flying vehicle with an emphasis on a rounded silhouette for maneuverability and low wind resistance.

Source: GrabCAD

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There really should be more reality in the aerodynamic physics in some of these fluid dynamic transportation concepts that keep appearing as only Science Fiction.

Anything can be made to fly, but its the energy required by its efficiency that matters if its going to have any logical functional value.

Tristram Metcalfe

Love the "Personal Hot Rod"... looks to be powered by a "V" motor, and motorcycle handlebars and front wheel drive. Looks great!

Matt Rings
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