Chevy announces pricing and release window for 2014 Impala


November 26, 2012

The redesigned 2014 Chevy Impala (Image: General Motors)

The redesigned 2014 Chevy Impala (Image: General Motors)

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We first talked about the 2014 Impala back before the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show, but details on the car were pretty sparse. Now, Chevy has come along with plenty of new information about the car, as well as a price and an approximate release window.

The 2014 Impala is going to hit the market sometime in spring (Northern Hemisphere) of next year. Chevy has announced a starting price of US$27,535 for the base model, with the price going up from there depending on chosen options and trims.

The Impala includes a new entertainment system called MyLink, which includes a customizable 8-inch color display. It also comes with natural voice recognition (which is a first for a Chevy vehicle) along with new safety features such as rear cross traffic alert, side blind zone alert, and ten airbags.

Chevy is offering the new Impala with a choice of three different direct-injection engines. Buyers can grab a 3.6L V-6, a 2.5L four-cylinder, and a 2.4L four-cylinder with fuel-saving eAssist technology. The automaker estimates that the 2.4L four-cylinder will get 35 mpg (6.7 l/100km). Each engine choice is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission.

The 3.6L V-6 hits the market first, with a base price tag of $30,760. The price for the 2.5L starts at the aforementioned $27,535 and pricing for the 2.4L model has not been announced as of this writing.

Source: Chevy

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The pictures look good.

Mark A

Take away the bow-tie and it looks like an ugly Fusion.


This is a CAPRICE.

The Impala brand has a V8 in it, and all around performance (for a sedan...), with the appropriate eye candy.

GM f'd up as ever, the company's weakest link.


Sorry "Gubment Motors" - Ford already did it, it's known as Taurus. Looks better, is better quality and was done by Ford, on its own, WITHOUT government bailout money from obama. 25 billion of which has already been DEFAULTED ON by GM, and will NEVER be paid back to the taxpayers.

I guess Chevrolet needed some plasticky piece of crap to compete with the "ethnic" market that Chrysler has with their piece of plastic junk 300 and Charger. Never thought the day would come when GM was a puppet of the government and producing absolute garbage automobiles.

Brett Bouler

It's another police car, make a sports car I can afford, and not that 130R dodge neon revamp. ?Ugly ass concept. Why is it that if you're not rich, you can't get quality from an automaker?


Outside is gorgeous and muscular looking. They took the lines from the BMW 7 Series and improved upon them . Strong looking front fascia, and nice mid belt lines too. The trunk doesn't look like it's going to fall off, like it does on the 7 Series. Sleek and ready to jump like a true Impala, it looks like it would live up to the legacy.

The interior looks like it was decorated by Ray Charles. The interior literally looks like a somebody vomited it up. It looks very mismatched and covered in cheap plastic accent trim. Not sure what they were thinking here. A car starting at a base of $27K that will surely end up being well over $30K needs to have an interior similar to an Audi in material quality and looks. Ford has recently done a wonderful job on improving their quality of interior materials and functionality. Chevy seems to continuously behind in this area of interior material quality.

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