Victorinox packs a 1 TB SSD into a pocket-knife


January 17, 2012

Victorinox 1 TB SSD flash drive/pocket-knife combo

Victorinox 1 TB SSD flash drive/pocket-knife combo

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Not all that long ago the availability of a 1TB solid state drive (SSD) was big news, now you can fit them in your pocket ... or in this case, your pocket-knife. Shown last week at CES, the Victorinox SSD features two interchangeable bodies - one with traditional Swiss Army Knife blade, scissors and nail file/screw driver combo, plus a second flight-friendly casing without any pointy bits. When the 1 TB model hits the market later this year Victorinox says it will be the world's smallest high-capacity SSD drive available.

The tiny SSD (which will be available in 256 GB as well as 1 TB capacities) has combination USB2/3 and eSATA 2/3 connectors, AES 256 encryption on both the hardware and the software, and it can sense if it's being hacked - if the hacking software is getting close to the password it will automatically burn the chip. The company says it is targeting an August release date and a price point in the US$2500-3000 range for the 1 TB model.

Victorinox also announced the addition of USB 3.0 capable drives to its Slim flash USB line. The new 3.0 Slim will be available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB capacities.


Wow, this is more memory than i have in my head. Is there anyway this thing can be plugged into my head so that i can back up my memory? We await the day when we can aquire instant knowledge.


This is nothing but a status symbol. I doubt James Bond would have 1TB of data that he needs to carry encrypted.


At 3000 a pop, yeah bling toy for sure. But kudos to victorinox for making this.


Yeah, and try getting THAT on a plane to do some work on your trans-continental flight!


I believe these are actually TSA approved. I know the Slims are.

Alexander Gobbo

I think it is way cool - in a geeky sort of way. :)



It\'s right in the article: \" a second flight-friendly casing without any pointy bits.\"

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