New hypercars - 1500 hp Hennessy Venom GT2 and 1400 hp Koenigsegg One:1


November 28, 2012

The Hennessy Venom GT2

The Hennessy Venom GT2

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The horsepower proliferation war between the world's hypercar elite looks set to explode again in the next 12 months when both Koenigsegg and Hennessy will debut new versions of their Agera R and Venom GT respectively, both with significantly enhanced performance.

Only Hennessy has officially released details to us at this stage (along with projections that its new Venom GT2 will have a top speed of 287 mph), but some very credible images and details have also emerged to confirm the existence of the outrageous Koenigsegg One:1.

Koenigsegg has been rumored to have been working on a high(er) performance version of the Agera R for some time, and the rumors gained solid foundation when Top Speed published an image (below) which seemingly shows printed documentation and images of the new car on the coffee table at a private presentation.

Top Speed obviously has some excellent connections with Christian Von Koenigsegg, because it has now produced more images of the new hypercar.

Cars UK has also produced an image of the new One:1 along with the news that the name signifies a power-to-weight ratio of one-to-one - that is, one horsepower for every kilogram of weight.

While no official weight has yet been stated for the new One:1, the Agera R (pictured with Christian Von Koenigsegg above) weighs in at 2,932 pounds, which means that if it were to be brought up to a one:1 ratio, it would have 1,329 horsepower to match it's weight in kilograms (1329kg).

Now the One:1, if we go on Cars UK's conversation with Christian Von Koenigsegg, is likely to be "slightly lighter than the Agera R", and that power will be "somewhere between 1250hp and 1350hp."

The Agera R (above) produces 1140hp, so how much the weight has gone down and the horsepower has gone up to achieve power-to-weight parity is not yet known.

The Cars UK report also states that the One:1 will cost US$2 million, and the limited production run of five cars is being aimed primarily (we're not sure if this means exclusively) at Chinese buyers. No production date has yet been set according to the report.

The Hennessy Venom GT2

More tangible and with even more exciting numbers than the Koenigsegg One:1 is the Lotus Exige-based Hennessy Venom GT2, a derivative of the Venom GT which already had what Gizmag's Jack Martin described as "the most spectacular set of numbers of any supercar: 1200 horsepower shoehorned into a mid-engined chassis that weighs just twelve hundred kilos (2,685 lbs)."

So in case you're not aware, the 2012 model 1200 bhp 1200 kg Hennessy Venom GT already has power-to-weight parity, and as Martin irreverently observed in the same article, makes the "267 mph 1888 kg Bugatti Veyron GT look obese." Whereas the Koenigsegg is still "early in its development", Hennessy has already produced and delivered ten such vehicles.

The current Venom GT weighs considerably less than the current "king of the road", the Bugatti Veyron Supersport, which owns the world speed record for production vehicles at 267mph. The Bugatti has less horsepower (1184 bhp), and is 50% heavier, tipping the scales at 1,888 kg (4,162 lbs). By comparison, the Venom GT2's 7.0L twin turbo V8 produces 1500 hp on E85 pump fuel, giving it 1.2 bhp per kilogram of kerb weight (2743 lbs) and a projected top speed of 287 mph.

The GT2 has a number of other features designed to make it more accessible than could be reasonably expected of what will possibly be the fastest car in the world when it is released, thanks to its power output (a claimed 1500 horses) and aerodynamic efficiency (aerodynamic improvements to the side mirrors, roof and front air-dam have lowered the Cd from 0.44 to 0.42).

For starters, the new double bubble roof shape means increased headroom for taller drivers and the price of the Venom GT2 will be considerably less than any of its direct competitors at US$1.25 million.

Production of the Venom GT2 will be limited to seven vehicles. Applications should be accompanied by a urine sample and a letter from the local vicar.

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It's not like smartphones which become faster and have more cores and consumers are happy. These machines become fast and the road bends are the same, the length of roads is the same, and human reaction time is the same. These machines become killing machines and take a vast proportion of the rich with them. There will be a limit.

Dawar Saify

Yes, limping down the local road to the grocery store or office will be disappointing but I think the boredom will be mitigated by scanning for speed bumps and potentially lip-bending parking lot entrances (navigated on an angle, of course). At least the wife will regain some much needed girlfriend time as the predictable honeymoon countdown begins with the "allowable mistress"...isn't that how these decisions are made?


On the one hand, this level of performance is utterly unnecessary for the road (or even most tracks). On the other hand - those cars are Badd Asss!

Steve Jones

@Dawar: I'd rather take the sharp corner in this sports car @ 70mph (with anti-lock, anti-skid and airbag technology), than my grandfather's 1949 Buick at 45mph (with terrible steering, no seat belts, and bias-ply tires).

Though drivers will take risks with ANY car, one is more likely to survive in a high-end sports car than in an econobox with fewer safety design/engineering elements.

Ciao, Doc

Matt Rings

Unless you have access to a racetrack, having this much HP and speed potential is about as meaningful as me saying that I have the power and potency to father 100,000 children. What's the point?

It's an awful lot of money to pay for nothing more than "potential"!, or have I hit upon the reason for buying these ridiculous toys in the first place?

Is it really "male makeup"!

And I do agree with Dawar Saify, above.


Dawar... This car is not for you...

Gregory Minor

The people who can afford these marvels are vain to say the least, but few are stupid. I am sure that Darwinism will claim a few souls, but most of these cars will never see there full potential. They are meant for bragging rights, and curb appeal!

No dumber than paying insane amounts of money for art, watches, etc...


Why would anyone want one of these?

I cannot understand why anyone would want to go any faster than I can in my Tesla Roadster - which does not pollute the planet and is 100% recyclable. 0-60 in less than 4 secs and max 125 mph is enough for me - and driving has never felt safer or more fun.

(Sorry to sound like a smug git!)

Nigel Quinton

While the horsepower wars continue to go forward, there are no tires made that can begin to harness this torque. If the tires did exist there is noone with the skillset needed to feather the throttle. And as Dawar said previously the roads,corners and other drivers have not changed accordingly.As long as there is a reason for these cars to exist in today,s society someone will build them.


The Veyron Super Sports, though fat, has a Cd. of 0.348 with the wing down. This should help it tremendously (against the venom at least) as will it's 1500nm of torque, which should also be well clear of the opposition.

Terry Penrose


Isn't this neat. Looks like the Venom had to paint a fake grille to mask the manic smile copied from the Mazda's.

Pretty soon you will be able to hit the accelerator and grind right through the tires, the wheels, the brake disks and into the spindles.

Quite an accomplishment!


Lewis Dickens

I like the closing comments on required qualifications to purchase the Venom GT2: "Applications should be accompanied by a urine sample and a letter from the local vicar." A sense of humor is a wonderful asset...

Dana Ellingen

Nigel- "Why anyone would want one of these" is akin to asking why anyone would want to climb Everest when the Matterhorn is high-enough... "Because it's there".

Heerybull- The point is not in having the potential to "father 100K children"...but rather the fun in pursuing it!

Mike- If ten GT2s have already been delivered, how could production be limited to seven? Great article though, thanks!

Ok, I'm through playing the antogonist for the day :)


I LOVE fast cars, it's a shame with all the pot holes, speedbumps and bad drivers out there, you literally need to live near a race track to enjoy these works of art. It's a shame cops don't stop the left lane driver who move too darn slow, or the people who cut you off only to slow down and eventually jam up traffic. We need smoother roads everywhere and a lane where people who are able to drive a faster mph can do so without being hindered. It's a nice dream anyway..


I really think that the Koenigsegg One:1 deserves to have an article of its own, and not be stuffed into an article with the over powered jumped up lotus - oops i mean Hennessy Venom GT2. Show some respect that Koenigsegg deserves.


I can drive fast (mine has 286HP and I often squeeze out all of them), I like these creatures.


Even if you found a flat road to top it out, is going to drain the fuel tank in less then 5 minuets.


I love cars as much as the next guy or gal, though being of modest means, an RX-7 twin turbo was the quickest thing I was able to afford (being a pensioner, now.) Autocrossed for ten years, back in the day (CRX.)

For those who have not already discovered, the closest vicarious experience for us mere mortals is an X-Box and Forza 4. Not an arcade game in the least, but rather a simulator. They got the physics amazingly correct, the choice of cars is huge, and the tracks are the best in the world (including Nurburgring.) Give it a shot. Eagerly awaiting future upgrades....

(Am neither a Microsoft employee, nor a shareholder.)


"I cannot understand why anyone would want to go any faster than I can in my Tesla Roadster - which does not pollute the planet and is 100% recyclable. 0-60 in less than 4 secs and max 125 mph is enough for me - and driving has never felt safer or more fun." @ Nigel Quinton;

Your car pollutes the planet as much as any other gas guzzler on the road if you plug it into an outlet to charge it! Unless you're charging it from a renewable source such as solar or wind you're no better than the guy driving the Bentley Continental GT!

The simple fact that they call the company Tesla is more a mockery to his name than anything else.. Nikola Tesla invented and drove a car 3000 miles across the US in 1903 on electricity being harnessed from the ether/air...

Joel Bauman

10 venom gt's have been sold , when they build the gt2's they will only build 7 , ( "it is better to stay silent and be thought a fool , than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt")

Eddie Grace

Eddie G- Only fool would instruct someone to not ask for clarification :)


This is false Bugatti was caught they took the governors off the cars to make them faster they were not stock and were tuned with newer parts,the ssc ultimate aero is faster,but was beat last saturday by the hennesy venom accelerating so fast and went 267.7 miles per hour guess what europeans we own the top speed as we mostly have since we mass produced the cars!

Brad Miller

The gt2 is going to be so awesome. Who cares if I never see nor drive one. It has an American made motor (GM) which is also my favorite car manufacturing company. I'm quite happy with the original venom gt even though it didn't top out because bugatti was scared to let them use they're test track. But if they want to stay ahead of the others that's ok. Hennessey performance is legendary in my book. What can even begin to compare to the venom gt or even now the gt2? NOTHING

Josh Hause

This is all I am going to say. Ok, EVO magazine says,"The Venom GT scrambles Koenigseggs for breakfast, eats Bugatti Veyrons for lunch, and flosses with Pagani Huayras" So not true! The fastest car in the world is the Koenigsegg Agera R! It has a top speed of a recorded 273 mph. And the Hennessey Venom GT has a top speed of 270.49. Done.

Jacob Hine
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