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A football table for the 21st century


April 9, 2008

11- the beautiful game

11- the beautiful game

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April 10, 2008 Table football is a game for all ages and one which continues to stand the test of time despite the advent of complex computer graphics and increasingly sophisticated game-playing interfaces. Now a collaboration between GRO design and Tim modelmakers has resulted in an overhaul of the design that aims to inject new life into the game and transform the football table from a bulky eye-sore into an attractive object d' art that complements modern interior spaces. Known as "11- the beautiful game", the strongly sculpted table incorporates minimalist design, a subtle use of light an dazzling white and chrome materials on the playing surface contrasting the dark exterior in an effort to bring the dynamics and drama of the game to the fore.

The designers - both of which are based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, will show the new table at the Milan Design Week from the 16th to the 21st of April at Via Forcella 8, Milan, Italy

Each of the 22 chrome finished players is machined from solid brass with graphic details completed by unique ink-filling techniques. Along with the overall stability of the table, attention has been paid to the weight and bearing mechanism of the supporting rods to ensure smooth rotation and several lighting effects have been incorporated into the gameplay to highlight the winning goal or the restarting of the game.

See our gallery for more images or visit the 11 - the beautiful game site to learn more.

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